Wakefield Education Centre Outreach event

Wakefield education centre

The Education centre in Wakefield was involved with an outreach event at Caistor Grammar School in June. It was a whole day event which consisted of a presentation and activity based on food science. It was a great day, hosted by Lucia Armitage (Education Centre Manager, Wakefield)  and Rory Goodwin (Process, Wakefield). Lucia presented the students with a business overview and examples of microbiology testing that is carried out on CCEP products. Bacteria, Mould and Yeast were grown especially by the microbiologists at the Wakefield site in Petri dishes, to show students how we measure the levels of micro-organisms. Rory brought syrup samples from process and launched the activity of trying to guess what flavour each of the syrups were, just by smell and sight.

The students really enjoyed the day. We reached around 50 lower 6th students, who are thinking of taking science as a career option.

It was a great day enjoyed by all. Look out for future outreach events from the Wakefield Education Centre.

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