Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School visit Sidcup

simon langton

Students from Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School, Canterbury, visited the Sidcup Education Centre during CCE's 'CRS in Action' week in October 2012. The students had a factory tour and took part in an activity which challenged them to think about new ways to encourage people to recycle more.

Having heard about our music festival 'Swap for Swag' recycling scheme from Sidcup's Education Centre Manager, Caroline Mounter, the students were enthused and full of suggestions as to what might work. They had just ten minutes to work in small groups to put their ideas down on paper. They then presented their scheme to the other teams.

The students were very imaginative and came up with a variety of ideas, including 'The Coke Can-nator' (see picture). This idea is for a recycling bin which resembled a specially-designed recycling character, where people would insert cans into its mouth and bottles into its hands, in order to recycle them.  When an item is inserted into the bin, the character would say 'thank you'.

Caroline said: "I was so impressed with the variety of ideas the students came up with. They were asked to try not to think of the obvious and they certainly rose to the challenge well. The 'Coke Can-nator' was a novel idea that brings fun and inventiveness to recycling that would surely attract and inspire young people to recycle more."

Simon Duff, teacher at the school, said: "The CRS activity gave my students some idea of what a multi-national company such as Coca-Cola is doing in relation to this business buzz term, and also enabled them to utilise their creativity skills to think of some ideas they could suggest themselves. A great learning experience!  Overall, the visit to the Sidcup factory was highly educational and useful for my business syllabus - bringing the students' learning to life!"

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