El Alsson British International School visit Sidcup

Egyptian School

In April 2013, two groups of students visited the Sidcup Education Centre. This is of course nothing out of the ordinary: Sidcup hosted 154 visit during its first full year in operation in 2012 so is well accustomed to having two visits in one day.  What made these two particular visits unusual was the origin of the students who attended - they'd come from Egypt!

El Alsson British International School had travelled all the way from Cairo to visit the centre in order to find out about our business and in particular to focus on marketing.  As well as a presentation on this topic, each group also had a factory tour and a Q&A session with a Sidcup employee.

Caroline Mounter, Education Centre Manager at Sidcup, said: 'It was an absolute pleasure to host both groups from El Alsson British International School.  The students' behaviour was impeccable and their respect of the site's rules and regulations was spot on.  They were a joy to work with as they gladly joined in when I asked questions or encouraged debate, but also knew when (and how!) to quieten down and listen at the appropriate moments.  They were enthusiastic, engaged and polite throughout both visits.'

Shazeelah Shafi, lead teacher for the trip, was really excited by what Sidcup's Education Centre and factory tour had to offer her students.  She had organised the trip in order to give her students some experience of businesses outside their native Egypt and believes CCE to be the best they'd visited by quite some margin.  She said: 'I want to thank Caroline for the wonderful experience we had on our visit.  The students gained a tremendous amount  from her presentation and from the tour.  They did not feel bored or overwhelmed with the presentation and this was largely due to Caroline being a professional teacher and understanding how to engage students. The students felt very comfortable with her; therefore felt they could ask her the many questions they did.'

Naturally, GB's Education Centres focus on visits from schools, colleges and universities in their local areas, but due to their excellent reputation both internally and externally they often receive requests from organisations outside the UK.  It's great to hear such positive feedback from the school - they are already planning their visit to the UK in 2014!

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