Responsible marketing

At Coca-Cola, we're proud to have been manufacturing our drinks for more than 125 years and to manage brands that refresh millions of people across the world every day; but the trust that many millions of consumers place in our brands brings responsibilities. As we have always done, we must listen to consumers and innovate to meet their needs to make our business stronger. Today, this requires us to ensure that, as we continue to develop pioneering and effective marketing campaigns, we do so in a responsible way that fosters trust.

We do not have a presence in primary schools. Activity with regards to secondary schools should be handled very sensitively. Where we do have a presence in secondary schools, we will only do so when we are able to convey a positive message (e.g. promoting choice or encouraging active lifestyles) and only then when invited to be there by school authorities. We will work closely with parents and teachers in any contact we have with schools.

Sale of drinks in secondary schools

  • We will work with school authorities to ensure that a full range of drinks (including water and juices) is made available for staff and students alike.
  • We will abide by any additional British and Irish guidelines related to the
    sales of drinks in schools.
  • We will also provide fact-based nutrition information to facilitate informed choice.
  • If school authorities ask us to provide vending or cooling equipment, we will
    make every effort to ensure that such equipment is accompanied by educational information and messages promoting active and balanced lifestyles.
  • We will maintain a record reflecting each school's decision on the drinks and packages selected.


We believe in commercial-free classrooms for children and actively avoid activities designed to advertise our drinks in this environment.

Within the context of our ambition to promote healthy, active lifestyles we will support extracurricular or educational activities (e.g. sports activities) in secondary schools. Any such activity will be designed in collaboration with parents and teachers and with their full support.

Any branding that may be apparent to children/young people as a result of this activity is there to indicate sponsorship and should be appropriate to the activity (ie. not for the purpose of advertising specific drinks).

To download our responsible marketing code please click here.

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